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Nioxin at Chapters Hair...

Thinning hair? Looking for fuller-looking, thicker hair? Anyone who has been affected by thinning hair will know how upsetting it can be.

Nioxin LogoNioxin gives you a helping hand back to healthy looking, fuller hair. With decades of research and a solid reputation for understanding the science behind hair loss, Nioxin is a product you can trust. Thinning hair affects up to 50% of men and women of all ages. There is no single cause. Hormones, illness, stress, pregnancy medication, poor diet and genetics can all be to blame.

Nioxin ProductsNioxin works to:

  • Reduce your hair breakage
  • Make your hair less fine
  • Improve the scalp to give you thicker, fuller looking hair

Ask your Chapters Hair stylist for a free consultation with a personalised plan and learn about the Nioxin 3 part system: cleanse, optimise and treat.

Could Nioxin help you?

If the answer is ‘YES’ to five or more of the questions below, Nioxin could be your solution for thicker, fuller looking hair!

  • Have you noticed your hair is becoming increasingly brittle and thinner?
  • Are you constantly colouring and straightening your hair?
  • Do you worry that your hair will become damaged in the future?
  • Are you normally stressed, running from one thing to another?
  • Do you want your hair to be thicker, stronger and more voluminous?
  • Are you on a low calorie diet?
  • Are you on medication which seems to be affecting your hair?
  • Have you recently experienced life changing events such as pregnancy, childbirth or menopause?
  • Do you regularly go swimming?
  • Are you living in an urban area and exposed to pollution?
  • Is your hair frequently exposed to direct sunlight?
  • Do you suffer from acne?
  • Have you noticed your scalp feeling dry or itchy?

* Certain medications can contribute to excessive hair thinning. Consult your doctor for more information.